RTOR’s Latest Review: TheCompleteRealEstateSite.com

One-stops are hard to come by in the digital landscape for real estate research, because this is an industry that’s chock full of new developments, trends, legal lingo, and other “stereo instructions” reminding all of us how we really just need a lender to lead the way, or a real estate agent to get us […]

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Credit Repair’s Crazy Good With Independent Credit Solutions!

You might’ve already ready about the most recent news at H.O.P.E. to Own, but just in case you missed it, here it is. You can catch the press release as well as multiple other sources such as the Complete Real Estate Site, Nationwide Property Values, Assisting Renters and many, many, many more. But let’s just say this one important sub-header for all of you readers out there:

The HOPE Program Is Loving Credit Repair With Independent Credit Solutions

Finally…. Credit repair’s branded all ICS along with the likes of Lexington Law. It’s all good. The more options, the better, right? In the end, this benefits the prospective homeowner, home renter, entrepreneur, bookkeeper, college student, CEO, secret agent and watchdog located in every hen house, outhouse, and doghouse within a 5-mile radius (immediate shot-out to Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones’ “The Fugitive”!).
So we don’t have to tell you that credit repair’s essential to the goal of getting a home — whether it’s a straight, upfront mortgage, or a rent-to-own. All we know now is that the HOPE Program now sees that it’s that much more possible, with Independent Credit Solutions, for every customer seeking to enroll to get the credit repair they deserve.


It’s worth it. It’s worth every penny (and that’s not a lot of pennies). Because that’s the HOPE Program’s one major benefit. They’re only out to help you. They’re not going to charge an arm and a leg. Their goals are yours. They want you to get into that home — hopefully with zero down.
Visit Independent Credit Solutions right now and get enrolled. Before you know it, your 640 credit score will laugh all the way up your front door as you unlock it to your new future in your new home.
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Independent Credit Solutions: an RTO Consultant’s Dream

We have to admit that most likely your RTO consultant specialist’s easiest job is accessing that qualified list of rent-to-own homes, negotiating with a prospective homeowner/landlord, setting up a showing, and getting you, the new homeowner, into that home. It’s an easy deal. What’s not that easy, though (although your consultant won’t sweat much either on this) […]

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Something We Don’t Discuss Often: Credit Repair

We definitely should, though. No doubt. Because when it comes to rent-to-own, credit repair’s essential, and it turns out that the BBB A-rated HOPE Program sees the writing on the wall — despite already doing well for customers in credit repair thanks to Lexington Law — and recently reported of their own review of yet […]

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Holding Hands: What Everyone Says About Independent Credit Solutions

Credit repair should be positive, right, people? We should be grabbing the guitars and singing by the campfire. We should be boasting our love and brotherhood for the best times in the world as we repair everyone’s credit as noticed…

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How Cloud Based Freebies Can Help the College Student

You may be lucky enough to secure a student loan or college scholarship, or maybe your parents promised to pave your way through college without one single dime escaping your pocket. But just in case you’re not in that lucky percentage of college students facing the heavy financials of a quality education, know this: you […]

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Your Home Not Only Shelters You, But Your Taxes!

Is there any wonder why we have such programs like H.O.P.E. to Own? Home ownership, the ultimate goal, the American dream. And it’s not just about the prestige about owning a home; it’s about so much more: The Fact Is This: Owning That Home Actually Benefits Your Taxes Here’s how our budding real estate market, […]

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Recent News With the Hope Program: a Brand-New Credit Repair Service

Guess what, friends…. There’s a new credit service out there according to this most recent press release. That’s right. We’re surprised already given our already growing extensive list of services we provide to anyone — whether you’re a home renter, or someone looking for a mortgage with a 640 credit score, or even a business owner […]

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Looking for the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program

ShareFollow Us!Is there such thing as the ultimate rent to own home program? Or is it all just a myth? Hype? Social media fluff? As if social media could perhaps sell a home like we keep hearing…. It’s hard to tell, what with this real estate industry always hitting new trends, surprising resources for, say, home […]

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