Selling Homes in the East Coast — the Latest Rage in Real Estate!


You don’t have to be a real estate guru to know that the east coast so-called “blue” states over there are all about the real estate, real estate, real estate. Without a doubt, that’s where the market’s cutthroat, and it’s like a game of inches and timing. You strike when the iron’s hot, and you hope for some ROI in the process.

Thankfully, we have some good news for you: the entire national real estate market seems to be looking pretty good, primarily for home sellers, as home prices begin to skyrocket clear across the board –

But Just in Case You’re in One of These States, You Have to See These Numbers

Bear in mind that as a home seller, if you want some ROI for major investments you’ve made to your property and you’re looking to move out, you’ll want to wait until you start seeing these numbers. These are predictions. But as the real estate market continues to flourish as we see here, there’s no doubt that these predictions will shortly become realities. So let’s take a look:

Crazy, Right? Crazy Good!

Call that a touchdown if you will for real estate. This is a clear sign that, slowly but surely, our real estate market’s looking better and better.

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Independent Credit Solutions: an RTO Consultant’s Dream

We have to admit that most likely your RTO consultant specialist’s easiest job is accessing that qualified list of rent-to-own homes, negotiating with a prospective homeowner/landlord, setting up a showing, and getting you, the new homeowner, into that home. It’s an easy deal. What’s not that easy, though (although your consultant won’t sweat much either on this) […]

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Something We Don’t Discuss Often: Credit Repair

We definitely should, though. No doubt. Because when it comes to rent-to-own, credit repair’s essential, and it turns out that the BBB A-rated HOPE Program sees the writing on the wall — despite already doing well for customers in credit repair thanks to Lexington Law — and recently reported of their own review of yet […]

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Holding Hands: What Everyone Says About Independent Credit Solutions

Credit repair should be positive, right, people? We should be grabbing the guitars and singing by the campfire. We should be boasting our love and brotherhood for the best times in the world as we repair everyone’s credit as noticed…

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Why You Might Wait to Sell Your West Coast Home

This is especially the case if you’ve already invested in so much with the home that you want to make sure you maximize your top dollar in the event that you’re selling. The timing has to be right, or you walk out of your home with actually less money than what you invested.…

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The USDA Mortgage: the American Express of Real Estate

USDA mortgage credit

ShareFollow Us!That’s reality for you, and you can’t blame the real estate market. There are, in fact, limits to how much you can borrow, even if your credit score is so pristine that you can apply for several million loans without flinching and pay all of them back in a heartbeat. But the USDA mortgage […]

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2 New Developments in Mortgage Rules That May Slow You Down

ShareFollow Us!It’s a bit of a trade-off, actually — it’ll make the process ‘easier,’ but longer — and you can understand without a doubt that there are some potential home buyers out there who might not like the longer part about these new mortgage rules. Here’s the skinny on the mortgage rules and how it’s currently […]

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