3 Reasons Why Donald Trump Might Kill the Economy

So, listen — ITPN won’t bash. We won’t ridicule, although our country’s known for plenty of political and celebrity satire (how about that comb-over?). But Donald Trump does know the ins and outs of business and finance in a big way, so far be it from us to criticize the Donald for something as grand a […]

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4 Ways to Know Donald Trump’s Take on Financial Forecasting Failure

Who doesn’t love the hairpiece? Seriously. Donald Trump’s the poster child, perhaps, for a special kind of hair, but also for just mega-success, so you’d have to expect that such a man knows a bit about financial forecasting failure. How does one see all the wrong signs and then walk into a financial wall of […]

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3 Choices to Make in the Wake of the Los Angeles School Shutdown

Terrorism. The insane topic of the millennium these days, what with ISIS making so many headlines (as the activist group should). But as we view the stunning event happening regarding the Los Angeles school shutdown due to a supposed threat of some kind, we begin to wonder: are we safe in our schools? Is it safe […]

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Why the Colorado Attack WASN’T About Planned Parenthood

ShareFollow Us!We’ll give many verbalists on the issues the benefit of the doubt: Planned Parenthood has, in fact, been on the news for awhile, what with the sales of baby body parts. So it’s easy to highlight the focus squarely on the jaw when tragedies, like what happened in Colorado, face our nation. Terrorism. And […]

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3 Top Central Figures in Today’s United States News

ShareFollow Us!It’s a fact: you can learn a lot from people! Whether it’s Luke Skywalker or Casper the Friendly Ghost, it doesn’t matter. United states news, current events, developments, trends, innovations in any industry, whether it’s real estate on Google+, personal finance, the growing situation with ID theft, or even jobs and employment, it helps […]

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