Why You Might Wait to Sell Your West Coast Home

This is especially the case if you’ve already invested in so much with the home that you want to make sure you maximize your top dollar in the event that you’re selling. The timing has to be right, or you walk out of your home with actually less money than what you invested.…

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Why the Colorado Attack WASN’T About Planned Parenthood

ShareFollow Us!We’ll give many verbalists on the issues the benefit of the doubt: Planned Parenthood has, in fact, been on the news for awhile, what with the sales of baby body parts. So it’s easy to highlight the focus squarely on the jaw when tragedies, like what happened in Colorado, face our nation. Terrorism. And […]

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Indiana, Ohio, and Colorado: The 3 Real Estate Musketeers

ShareFollow Us!If there ever was an Alexandre Dumas out there who would write about real estate, for sure that man would write about Indiana, Ohio, and Colorado. Three states that are now holders of an enterprising list of 20 hot real estate markets in the nation for 2016. How so? When It Comes to Real […]

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