RTOR’s Latest Review: AssistingRenters.com

Comprehensiveness. That’s the name of the game when it comes to resources. As a home renter, too, without a doubt, you need resources. And not necessarily from a bunch of different places, no, sir. Try just one place. That makes it easy, convenient, simplistic, and minimal hassle on your end as a home renter. Because everyone knows […]

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Why Assisting Renters Makes Selling Homes a Breeze

Think of tree roots, and you’ve got the basis for the real estate market when it comes to effective real estate programs out there. Plant a seed, and it grows. Believe it or not, that’s where Assisting Renters comes from — they’re all about starting from the ground up, assisting…

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Having Some Faith in the Home Renting Market for 2016

Rentals may be the way to go in today’s market! The housing market’s declining, it seems, and apartment expansion and home rentals are skyrocketing through the roof! Such is the state of the real estate investment market for 2016.

Baby Boomers Galore! 

The baby boomers are getting older, and the majority of them are currently downsizing due to the immediate financial and physical accommodations of home renting. With many of them already enjoying retirement, having a mortgage over their head and a home with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms really isn’t necessary for them anymore. An uptown waterfront condo with a maid and someone to cut the grass is more the style of comfort that is appealing to these thriving baby boomers.

Millennials Amuck!

The young adults that should be buying homes are just not capable enough, apparently, what with the poor employment market and looming student debt climbing to ungodly heights. Millennials are more comfortable renting than adding more debt to their already strained financial situations. Renting is really the most accommodating route for young people in today’s world. Plus with most millennials still not married and without children, there is no reason for them to have a cap code on a cul-de-sac when they can enjoy a trendy loft by the local pub.

Sounds Convincing, Right?

You do, however, have to understand one thing about the real estate market, whether it’s about home selling, home buying, or home investing. It’s a fickle beast. And the appetite can change in a blink. So the important thing to remember is this — keep your eyes opened.
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Assisting Renters: How It All Begins With a Rent-to-Own

Don’t knock the home renter one bit. Because that’s the start of a journey toward home ownership when you think about it. Name one person out there either in college or fresh out, and that person will tell you: home renting was how it all began. You learned about maintenance, utility bills, even home improvement, […]

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Why Auto Selection Services Benefits the Home Renter

ShareFollow UsNot to toot our own (car) horn, but get this: popular site Assisting Renters just did a number on us, and what a high number it was! Well, figuratively speaking, anyway. They didn’t exactly ‘rate’ us. Honestly, they didn’t have to. Their words spoke enough about what we can offer even the home renter, an […]

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