Why Repairing Your Credit Score Is Like Throwing a House Party

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You’ve been there, haven’t you? Now I know we’re still a ways away in this year from graduation days, but just go back in time for a bit: you were a senior in high school, and your entire class just graduated, tossing the caps and tassels in the air with a big hurrah. You schedule a big party later at night for a few reasons: one, to celebrate, two, to remember the good times, and three, to maintain that credibility you had during your four years of high school (and of course maintain the house before your parents come home from their vacation or date night!) as the big kid on campus who knows everyone and is loved by everyone.

credit repair graduation

It’s a big job. Bigger than any final exam. And in a way — throwing that house party and carrying that important image with you is not much different than trying to keep a good credit rating throughout your life, such as when leasing a vehicle. It’s practically your identity protection. When your credit score suffers, your entire life suffers —

  • You Can’t Get a Loan
  • You Have Trouble Getting Mortgage Approval
  • You Might Even Have Trouble Getting a Job
  • And so Much More

So it’s no wonder your credit score means the world to you, which is why you do everything you possibly can to repair it.

Seriously — I Don’t Get the Connection With Credit Scores!

So it may seem like I’m taking this simile a bit far, but go with me on this. Repairing that credit score very much is like throwing that graduation house party for three reasons. Three steps, actually:

credit repair house party

  1. Planning Your Party Down to Every Detail — Getting your credit report is so much like this that it’s disturbing as you read this piece on credit scores.
  2. Making Sure You Have “Catering” Taken Care Of — Negotiating (and renegotiating) is key when it comes to credit score and repair as explained here.
  3. Minimizing Damage During and After the Party — You’ll have some negative marks on your credit report, no doubt, which is why you do damage control with “credit cards” as discussed here.

See the similarity? Well, sort of…. Whatever the case….

When You Apply These Principles, Not Only Will You Be Able to Throw a Great House Party, But You’ll Safeguard Your Credit as Well

Kill two birds with one stone, right? I’d say that’s winning advice. Now don’t forget the appetizers and kegs. It’s going to be one heck of a party.

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