How Sherlock Holmes Would Spot Credit Repair Scams

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The clues are obvious — but only a detective’s mind can discern truth from fiction. Like Sherlock Holmes. It’s no secret that the greatest detective in literature would’ve been the most truly excellent credit counselor known to man for obvious reason, that is as long as Holmes realizes that true credit repair isn’t about a quick fix or hollow promises!

Learning to Spot the Lies Within Credit Repair Scams

Needless to say, Holmes has his in-depth knowledge of criminal psychology and such, so you’d have to wonder if the guy was an expert at reading people. He can spot a lie. That’s the brunt of how to weed outcredit repair scams Sherlock Holmes the credit repair scams, but more importantly, simple knowledge is key.

You have to listen. Listen to what the person on the other end of the line is saying to you — and, more importantly, know the law as Holmes would. Those are your tricks of the trade.

  • Payment for Services Upfront
  • No Consultation of Free Alternatives to Credit Improvement
  • Requesting That Consumer Cease All Communication With Credit Agencies
  • And More Importantly…. Promises to Eliminate Negatives Quicker Than You Can Say ELEMENTARY!

These are all warning signs. And let’s be honest here: you don’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes to know this! (You don’t even need to be a Dr. Watson.

The Truth About Credit Repair Scams

For one thing, according to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, upfront fees are illegal. So if supposed credit counselors or debt managers request such payment, walk the other way from those credit repair scams. It’s also a bit of a red flag if the expert across from you doesn’t even bother to offer free alternatives to credit repair (because there, in fact, are ways to clean up some of your credit for free).

It’s typically not a very good idea to try and avoid creditors either, plus not even the best credit improvement professional can eradicate all negatives off of a report and give you a clean slate, promising a “new life.” It’s simply not possible, and if they say it is, they’re nothing but credit repair scams.

True Credit Repair Will Take Some Work

But it’s worth it. The legitimate professionals in credit repair will assist you with everything from education to addressing the appropriate authorities to work on reducing the negatives and also building up the positives on your report. It takes time. It does take some investment.

But I repeat: it’s well worth it. When it involves a mortgage loan approval, you’ll know it’s worth it. Wouldn’t you agree, Watson?

“Yes, indeed, Holmes. Carry on.”


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