4 Super Trends to Keep in Mind When Considering Investments

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Money is an odd ball of asset. Investing the money into something is a better way to get more money long term. Pennies under the mattress isn’t cutting it – or never did – for increasing wealth. You want something concrete, but not literal concrete. A house would pay out.

In a Gallup Poll asking, “How do you increase your wealth?” showed 5 main methods and 4 super trends.

Well Over A Third (And Growing) Know Real Estate As Their Best Ticket To Wealth

In 2011 19% of those polled said real estate was the jack pot — growing by 16% in 6 years! Now 35% of those polled said real estate was their pot of gold. Read more here…

Gentlemen Wanted Gold, Not the Ladies

Gold under the mattress? Sure, and interestingly, a male is more likely to buy into that than a woman, at 17%. Read more here….

College Grads Lean Harder On Their Stats, Strategies and Therefore…Stocks

If you’ve graduated from college you are twice as likely to support a more abstract and heady option: Stocks. 22% of all polled, but 37% of graduates choose this as first route for investments. Read more here…

We aren’t sure who pays Huffington Post, but they reported oil stocks specifically as the new popular wave of investments for 2016. Gallup went ahead and asked, and found the entirety of stocks in hot seat #2. I am going to guess that this 22% already has some real estate investments are sitting in that big leather chair in their den…gazing at the diploma on their wall.

Just Trade ‘The Mattress’ For ‘The Bank’, That’ll Do

15% chose savings as their go-to. A quarter of those under 30 said, “Duh, Dude, want money? Save some!” Seems solid. Read more here…

Similar, yet old school, bonds were holding on with 7%.

Recap: Our real friend, Real Estate, shelters you and perhaps funds you long into retirement….But the results are in! A third of the population, if true to the sample of the pie, said real estate is the best long-term investments option! So Congratulations, you’ve come to the right blog.

Time to Use ‘The Bank’ For Property Investments


“So you are telling me that money under the mattress would be MORE money long-term if I spent it on the walls and roof situation — and there was no money…”


If you’re the leader in that 35% and want help investing in real estate CLICK HERE. Also CLICK HERE if you are following that 35%, and trading up again, from the bank to a property in your control!

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