3 Things Casper the Ghost Would Say About You Buying His Real Estate

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Nothing beats a piece of prime real estate that’s haunted like how Beetlejuice would handle it, but let’s just say you’re face to face with the friendliest ghost you’d ever see: Casper. What would he say? Take advantage of this zero-down home with the help of H.O.P.E. to Own? Or find something better?

Surely after you file that 2-hour tax return after clicking on this link, you’re going to be itching to make a down payment, but let’s listen to the resident apparition in this case. You can learn a lot.

real estate Casper

Far from any scares, obviously, it’s plain to see: just the knowledge of a haunted house when it comes to the real estate industry actually does present some interest. In other words, don’t technically be spooked at all about a particular listing that has been said to experience the proverbial bumps in the night, or has had a famous celebrity die in the master bedroom a few centuries ago. It truthfully may not mean anything at all —

Pay Attention to Casper, Though, Because There Are Some Real Things You Have to Be Mindful of When it Comes to “Haunted” Real Estate

Simply put, you can trust this friendly ghost. He’s not out to possess you. Quite frankly, he just wants companionship, so if by chance you show up for an open house during his mid-afternoon snack, just know that he wants you to be mindful of these particulars when it comes to haunted real estate:

Casper gets it, okay? You’re big on the spooks and scares. But let’s be realistic. The history behind a house has long been considered a selling point, but make sure you know what you’re buying….

Are You Buying a Haunted House, or a Haunted Memory?

Either you want to be woken up from a dead sleep every night (I wouldn’t), or you just want the knowledge that this house has had a history of spooks. Either way, you could potentially be facing structural defects, bad neighborhood experiences, or way-too-high prices you shouldn’t have to pay.

Take it from the friendliest ghost you ever did see: shop real estate smart. And stay away from Beetlejuice.

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