3 Main Benefits of a Tiny Maine House

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Call it a mobile home if you want (you’d be missing the point if you do), but the real estate market’s seeing a trend over on the east coast, particularly in the state of Maine. Tiny housing. I don’t mean the classic “studio apartment” for the bustling entrepreneur/bachelor scouring the social, commercial and corporate atmospheres for a sense of identity, no. I’m literally talking about a tiny Maine house, complete with roof, front door, windows, and just enough room for maybe a few people — and that’s it.

Why Would Anyone Want to Live in a Tiny Maine House?

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The concept’s gaining a lot of traction in the real estate industry for those considering moving “up” or upgrading. Call it minimalism if you want. Call it living with the bare essentials. In truth, a tiny Maine house apparently holds the appeal of many nature lovers and fanatics of the resistance to over-sized square footage, great rooms and other novelties of mansion-like living.

The First Main Benefit: Rustic Quality

We’re getting notable companies attacking this real estate niche with gusto, and it’s showing: just look at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, an organization dedicated to refining the art and style of building a “tiny home” with flair and personality.

After all, this little tiny Maine house isn’t a shed, nor a decorative piece. It really is a living space designed not only for pure function, but defining a sense of self for the homeowner. Is that all, though? Is it just about function? With such tiny square footage, one would think. But you’re mistaken….

Secondly, Tiny House Construction Makes for Streamlined Utilities

We’re seeing a trend these days in the real estate market where green’s going with efficiency, versatility, and saving some bucks versus ensuring the heat stays on at all costs while the utilities rack up dollars like hot cakes in the early morning from IHOP. It’s true: that tiny Maine house will minimize all sorts of utilities to the extreme. It won’t take that long to heat or power such a home.

It’s basic physics. Since this tiny Maine house is smaller than your everyday single-family 4-bedroom, you can bet that the energy bill will drop a whole lot. Some see that as an advantage.

An Even Bigger Advantage Is the Outdoors

Even in a mansion, one can suffer from “cabin fever”; with a tiny Maine house, though, a  homeowner has the option of utilizing nature to his/her advantage. It’s healthy. It’s nourishing. Decreasing the size of your home ultimately forces you as the homeowner to incorporate the grass, the hills, the mountains, the lake, the river — as your other pieces of living furniture.

And guess what: that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Still, It’s Not for Everyone….

Perhaps we’ll evolve, though, as homeowners. We may realize that a home won’t be judged by its size, but by its character. In all fairness, though, giant behemoths are perfectly capable of carrying with it its own sense of personality, memories locked away in halls for all time.

Homes are all about memories. Big or small. I guess the important thing to know about any tiny Maine home — or a big mansion on the west coast — is to remember that. Be sure to get your memories for a lifetime with H.O.P.E. to Own guiding you. Contact us today!

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